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What You Should Be aware of about the Alkaline Diet

The balance of pH levels in your body is as simple as opting for alkaline foods instead of high-acidic food items.

I’m not a huge advocate of diets. This is the reason I might have been apathetic about everything alkaline. However, it’s a fact and I was interested.

I scanned my list of food items to eat and those to stay clear of, wondering to know if signing up could mean denying myself my coffee of choice. (Heads-up I guess it is!) But the meals were safe, easy to digest and not much unlike my usual food. It was necessary to eliminate certain vices however, generally the food looked fairly easy to manage. I decided to give it a go.

How do I know if my diet is alkaline?

Alkaline food is based upon the notion that what you consume affects the pH (the alkalinity, or acidity) that your body. According to the celebrity chef , and Wanderlust expert Jason Wrobel the foods that are alkaline will have the pH of 7.2 or greater. Jason Wrobel says that food items that are more acidic, such as processed foods or high in sugar, as well as artificial foods, cause our body to become acidic. “That’s the perfect cause of illness,” says Jason. “We know from studies especially in cancer research that diseased or mutated cells only thrive and grow in an acidic atmosphere.”

Start the alkaline diet. In order to help the body maintain its acidity levels, this diet focuses on food items that are high in alkaline (certain fruits and vegetables) and also eliminates or restricts the consumption of acidic foods (meat dairy, alcohol,). It’s not that difficult. You can also select beverages that help maintain the body’s pH levels as well. alkaline waters for instance, has more acidity than the normal water you drink. This is why the proponents for the diet recommend that it is an essential component in the production of the minerals that your body requires to restore equilibrium.

What should I eat during the diet of alkaline?

The diet that is considered to be alkaline focuses on -you know what, foods which are extremely alkalizing. Seeds and vegetables are known to have the highest levels of alkaline including beets, asparagus broccoli, onions, peas, garlic and cauliflower. Other examples include carrots and spinach, as well as pumpkin seeds flax seeds, sesame seeds, but there are many other options that are listed. Although not as alkalizing as fruits, they are extremely alkalizing. It’s not surprising that limes and lemons (which could appear to be acidic) are among the most alkalizing fruits available.

Foods such as meats (save the seafood that is freshwater), alcohol coffee, most sweeteners, breads and some nuts have acidic. Are you concerned about eating nothing but vegetables? There are ways to spice your veggies! Alkalizing fats are olive oil, night primrose oil and sunflower oil. margarine and butter have more acids. Basil as well as rosemary, peppermint cinnamon, thyme and many other herbaceous plants along with spices perfectly acceptable on an alkaline diet.

Also, you can keep your pH in a healthy range by drinking water. In contrast to other alkaline-infused water The Flow alkaline spring water is available in a range of tasty flavors. We’re talking mint + cucumber or lemon and ginger. lime + watermelon, as well as rose and strawberry.

Okay, but what is the truth? Is the alkaline diet actually healthy?

Although research is ongoing to prove the fundamental claims of the diet (we would not go further than saying it will stop cancer) however, there aren’t any studies that indicate that eating an alkaline diet is harmful for your health. The nutritional plan is largely plant-based and is low in sodium sugar, fat and calories, which is excellent for overall well-being. However, due to the removal of some food groups, such as meat and dairy, those who are trying to lose weight should be careful about getting the proper nutrients from other sources.

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Importance of Alkaline Foods

Alkaline food items are crucial to maintaining the balance of pH within the body. Experts recommend that eating an energizing meal that includes an appropriate mix of all the food groups is essential to improve overall health, instead of limiting yourself to specific foods. According to the theory of acid-ash that acidic ash can be thought to increase your vulnerability to illness, while alkaline ash can protect. Thus, eating alkaline food will aid in maintaining the body’s pH and improve overall health.

A few food items which leave acidic ash comprise proteins, phosphate and sulphur. The alkaline ingredients include calcium, magnesium and potassium-rich food items.

Food groups are categorized as neutral, acidic or alkaline:

Acidic The acidic food group includes poultry, meat and fish, dairy products, eggs , and alcohol

Neutral The natural sugars, starches, fats and carbohydrates

Alkaline: Nuts, fruits, legumes and other vegetables

“Food pyramid isolated on white, different fruits, vegetables, fish, hot dog, meat, milk and dairy products, candy, nuts, all arranged in a circle arranged in a slanted position.”

If you’ve been enjoying huge quantities of red meat and processed and junk food It’s time to transition to a more alkaline diet within your meal plan. Read this article to gain an understanding of some of the foods with high levels of alkaline.

Green Leafy Vegetables

The green leafy vegetables are believed to possess an alkaline impact on the body. They’re loaded with huge amounts in Vitamin A B, E as well as folic acid and minerals calcium, iron, and phosphorus which are vital for the body to carry out normal functions and develop a solid immunity. Consider including spinach, lettuce and kale, as well as celery, collard, cabbage and mustard greens into your daily food regimen.


Cruciferous vegetable such as broccoli and cauliflower are believed to help balance alkaline pH within the system. They’re loaded with Vitamins A and C K, folate as well as phytochemicals from plants which are beneficial in reducing inflammation and decreasing the possibility for Cancer.

Citrus Fruits

Many believe the fact that fruits like citrus are acidic and can cause acidity in the body, they actually are the top source of alkaline food sources. Lemon sweet lime, lemons and oranges are overpowered by vitamin C which assists in detoxifying the body and provides relief from acidity and heartburn.

Root Vegetables

Beets, sweet potato turnips, radish, and carrots are a great source of alkaline foods that aids in maintaining your pH level. They’re a fantastic source of insoluble and soluble food fibres that help increase gut good bacteria, lower cholesterol levels and reduces the chance for cardiovascular disease and colon cancer.


Take a bite of nuts to ease cravings and ensure you are satisfied. Rich in healthy fats, they can also create an alkaline impact on the body. The vast range of antioxidants, protein and plant sterols found in walnuts, almonds, and cashews control blood sugar spikes, enhance heart health and reduce weight.

The main focus of an alkaline diet is conscious eating habits that include healthy options of food, such as fruits, vegetables as well as lentils, nuts as well as drinking lots of fluids and restricting meat, sugar processed food, alcohol and processed foods. It helps improve total health, reduce extra fat, lessen inflammation, and decrease the risk of developing cancer.

This is what happened as I played around with it.

The diet that I follow isn’t too different from what I usually eat, however, it made me be more conscious about what I eat. I swapped my breakfast of easy eggs with a massive blueberry smoothie bowl. I cut down on my coffee, stopped drinking my preferred IPA I also gave up my indulgence of dark chocolate following dinner. I stayed clear of the cheese aisle at the local supermarket and said goodbye to my favorite Ciabatta. It was difficult, but it felt good to add some veggies to my body.

In the course of the study I observed subtle differences which I believed could relate back to the diet. Although I usually make the healthier choice 9 times out of 10 but I do not always take a look at every label and examine every ingredient. While following the diet, in order to be sure that I was eating alkaline food items I took the time to making sure that every ingredient or food item was on the list.

It was clear that the inability to drink coffee led to my mid-afternoon slump becoming difficult to endure and that’s an indication to look for alternative methods of energy instead of caffeine (I decided to nap instead, and it was a joy). Eliminating alcohol caused less stomach bloating, more conscious eating habits, and a more restful sleep.

A lot of people may be irritated by the diet that is alkaline, since it’s very restrictive. However, a better method to look at it is to boost your diet by eating alkalizing food or make the bulk of your food alkalizing. Consume your veggies or squeeze a lemon in your tea, and sip alkaline water – and have a few moments of pleasure.

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